Bars To Watch NFL in Keensburg, Illinois

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Bars To Watch NFL - Keensburg

Bars To Watch NFL - Keensburg, Illinois

Roto Rebel is your one stop shop for all of your local football information. From bars to daily fantasy leagues for fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports needs we have you covered. Find the leagues, meetups, groups and more that are in your area. We'll find you a Bars To Watch NFL to best fit your schedule for the Keensburg, Illinois area. Simply fill out the contact form and we will send you the info for the best spots to watch games and get you signed up for the fantasy league today!

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  • DraftKings offers a variety of contest types to suit the preferences of our different users.
  • Some of the contests are free to enter, while others charge a buy-in fee to enter the contest.
  • If a contest is Guaranteed, the contest payout will be that Guaranteed prize total even if the contest is not filled when it begins.
  • If a contest is not Guaranteed, the contest will be cancelled if it is not filled when it begins, but the buy-in amount will be refunded.
  • Once you decide which contest you'd like to enter, click on the "Draft Team" button to enter that contest and draft a team.


  • In each contest, participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 that they can use to draft their entire roster.
  • The Player Pool will consist of all players participating in the current day's games, their positions, and their salary.
  • Player salaries are determined by their performance, and are not related to the player's actual compensation.
  • Once all the position slots in the roster have been filled, and the team salary is less than or equal to the salary cap, the participant can submit his roster for the contest.
  • After the participant submits a roster, the participant can modify the roster until the contest begins.


  • To view all of the contests that you have entered, click on the "My Contests" tab near the top of the webpage.
  • The "Live Contests" area shows the contests you have entered that are currently in progress.
  • When viewing a live contest, each participant can see how the team they drafted stacks up against the competition.


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Daily Fantasy Sports is growing exponentially, and we here at Roto Rebel are doing our part to give back to the local fans and find you the best leagues, and meetups for other fans just like you.
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